Officers & Board of Directors

These are the current WISE Division Board members.

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Peter Lakatos (2019) Superintendent (President)

Joe Russ (2019) Assistant Superintendent (Vice President)

Al Lederman (2018) Chief Clerk (Secretary)

Dennis Janssen (2018) Paymaster (Treasurer)

Reid Kahrs (2017) Ex-Oficio (Past Superintendent)

Ken Jaglinski (2018) Trainfest Chairman

Gary Children (2020) Achievement Chairman/Director at Large

Mark Hintz (2020) Youth Group Director

Burnell Breaker (2019) Video Library Director

Art Oseland (2018) Bus Trip Director

Bob Sherman (2019) Director at Large

Steve Miazga (2019) Newsletter Editor/Director at Large

Ed Kofroth (2020)

Dave Evans (2018) Contest Director

Layout Tour Director (2019) Layout Tour Director

Clinic Director (2020) Clinic Director

Picnic Director (2018) Picnic Director

Membership Director (2019) Membership Director

Assistant Paymaster (2019) Assistant Paymster (Assistant Treasurer)

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